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Me and Josh
I saw Josh Ritter again last night. It's a spiritual experience. It's a whole-body experience. It's a drug. I won't try to explain it. This guy I once knew said it best:

And here is me, in all my pure unadulterated bliss, hugging this man.

We ran into him on accident. We decided not to try to fight traffic after the show and instead went back to this bar where we ate dinner. I had these mimosas except they weren't mimosas, didn't have orange juice but instead MANGO juice with champagne, and they were better than mimosas. Delicious. Refreshing. After about two we decided to leave. As we were walking past the theater toward our car, there was this sparse group of people standing around outside. I thought maybe they were just loading the truck. But as we walked past I turned my head just a bit and saw him with my peripherals. I knew it was him. He wasn't wearing his performer clothes, just a t-shirt and some jeans. He has a bit of a belly, which you definitely don't notice on stage. He was wearing hipster glasses and talking to these people. I whispered to Creighton, "That's definitely Josh Ritter." He said, "Really? Are you sure?" And I said, "No that's DEFINITELY JOSH RITTER." He asked if I wanted to go back. I said I didn't care. I did want to go back, but I didn't want to be THAT girl. He meets people every day. He meets fans every day. I didn't want to be THAT girl, but I really wanted to meet Josh Ritter. More than anything I wanted to just hug him. Thank him. We waited as he talked to this photographer, then these two girls that were with the photographer, then two more girls that were in front of us. They told him, teary-eyed, about how their mother or someone they knew was dying from cancer, and his music made a difference in their lives. He was really nice about it. He signed a CD. I took their picture together. Then he came over and hugged Creighton and I and said thanks for coming out. We were wearing matching Josh Ritter shirts. We joked about that. I said I had seen him live seven times. In retrospect, that's probably a pretty small number for him to hear. He didn't say that, though. We talked about how I've seen him in Birmingham, Atlanta. I told him I didn't want to take up much of his time, just wanted a hug and to say hi, but he was super nice about it. He asked me what I did for a living. I mentioned marketing, Auburn. He asked how we met. We briefly mentioned Vienna. Then Creighton said, "She'll kill me if we leave here without a picture." He wrapped me up in the bear hug you see above. I almost died, but not really. Just grinned a lot. Creighton fumbled with the camera. We stood there hugging. My brain was on fire with happiness. It still is. I want to remember every single second of that moment. Not that it was a defining moment. Not that I'll be a different person. That's not what Josh Ritter is about. Josh Ritter is about being more of the same person, more of myself than I've ever been before. I'll come down off this high. I'll go back to work and life and the day-to-day. But his skin touched my skin, and that's enough. I felt that giant back and nestled up on his shoulder. It's weird that that matters. And in the Grand Scheme of Things, it doesn't. But it was nice. I stood next to him. He's much shorter and less cut and more human that you expect him to be when he's solidifying your foundation up on stage. But he's still Josh Ritter. Josh. He's still magical, in his own way.


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