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Veggie Curry
My friend Jill has THE MOST AMAZING cooking/life blog, but as I am trying to post more, and cooking is a huge part of my life as well, here're some shitty Instagramed photos of the absolutely amazing veggie curry we made tonight.

The pictures are shit because they're taken on an iPhone in a dimly lit apartment kitchen when I'm hungry. I'm a shit photographer because I lack the patience (and equipment). But you get the idea. The "camera settings," because I'm sure you're dying to know, are Lo-fi for the first and Hudson for the second.

Oh, and by the way, na'an is the best food in the entire world. Next time, we are going to make it fresh, so stay tuned for that experiment. Now to bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (Martha Stewart style), BLTs for lunch tomorrow and pass the hell right out. Maybe I'll squeeze in a chapter or two of Ender's Game. Who knows. Could be a crazy night.

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1. That looks amazing. I have never made curry.
2. Yes, na'an.
3. To your last post, who is Travie McCoy? Musical ignorance abounds.
4. Also to your last post, I so love what you said about the noise/frat party that is the Internet, although I am oh-so-guilty of crowding the Internet with my whining. Even though I love what you said, I got way excited when I saw you had not one, but TWO posts when I just looked at Google reader, so, um, please do join the party now and then... because I love your writing.
5. Pinterest... ugh it makes me feel so inadequate and poor and ugly. Hate it/Love it. You're not alone.

3. Travie McCoy is that dude who sings the song, "I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad. Buy all of the things I've never had. I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smilin between Oprah and the queen." The lyrics are pretty silly and fun, but also an interesting reminder of the consumerism I'm trying not to succumb to.
4. I don't consider your writing "whining" or contributing to the noise. I love your blog and everything in it.
5. Feeling inadequate/ugly is one of Pinterest's unfortunate side effects. I like Pinterest, but I sometimes just need a reminder that I don't have to live up to its ridiculous standards.
6. I am definitely gonna try to post more often.


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